Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Work in progress Wednesday

The shalom cardigan is 8 rows from being finished! I've enjoyed knitting it and I'm looking forward to picking out a button and wearing it. It's the first project I've done with my Knit-Pro Symfonie needles, and I'm a total convert now.

I have a couple of projects lined up to do next, and both arrived today! Perfect timing.

I'm going to make some long sleeved light cotton tops for Meg, to protect her from the sun. I'm thinking of using the muslin cloths we're not using any more. I hope they'll be big enough to cut the pattern from. If not I have a thin cotton skirt I don't wear anymore. If the muslin works I'll make a few and dye them different colours. Here's the pattern that landed from the US this morning:

I'm very excited about this next project. There was a very enabling thread on the Natural Mamas message board about shawls. I have never worn a shawl, let alone knitted one. But one of the recommended patterns that I liked the look of was the Ishbel shawl. I bought the pattern and ordered some beautiful merino/silk yarn from Sarah at Babylonglegs. It arrived today and oh my word, it's gorgeous. I have it in 'Jeanie-Jean'. I can't wait to start!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your Ishbel - I have the pattern for that too - it's one on the LOOOOOOONG list of shawls to make!

    Lovely yarn xx

  2. I'm not a shawl-wearer, either, but anything made with that yarn you bought is going to be a work of art. I love the colour and shine!

  3. Ooo, can't wait to see it and your cardi is beautiful! Be sure to share it once you've picked out the buttons, etc.

    I'm not a shawl wearer either, but for some reason I'm dying to try and knit one! That yarn is gorgeous!