Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Work in progress Wednesday

I've been working on my Ishbel shawl for a couple of weeks, on and off. The yarn I'm using is beautiful, much finer than I'm used to! It's Babylonglegs semi-precious (silk/merino blend) in Jeanie-Jean.

It took a few evenings to do the stocking stitch centre, then I stopped for a while as I was scared of the pattern. I tend to stick to easy/plain knitting. But I've found this more straightforward than I expected.

I've been slowed up again by a rookie error - I didn't ball up the yarn before I started to knit. And the skein got horribly tangled. I spent 3 hours on Monday night trying to untangle, and got this far:

I couldn't face another night of it, so I snipped it! Oh well, lesson learnt.....

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  1. Wow, it's beautiful! The good thing about the rookie mistake, you'll never do it again I'm sure! We've all been there done that. I've been wanting to make a shawl, but am scared/nervous to. Is it really as easy as you make it sound?

  2. That is a gorgeous color of blue! I can't wait to see the final product!

  3. Your Ishbel is looking lovely. What a beautiful color! Untangling yarn is so tedious, but luckily my husband is a pro at it. It's the one time when I'm thankful for his stubbornness.

  4. Too bad about the yarn tangle, we've all been there before! Your Ishbel will be quite beautiful in that color.

  5. Oh, that yarn! It's so, so lovely, and it works perfectly with the pattern. Sorry about the snipping, though---I definitely have some skeins that are going to meet that fate when I start projects with them.