Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Not quite to plan

I had a clear idea of what we'd be doing today.  Supermarket delivery between 10 and 11, then over to Caden and Mile's with a packed lunch and egg decorating supplies.  

Problem number 1 - Meg was asleep until I asked Betsy to wake her up at 10.25.  10.25!  For goodness sake.
Problem number 2 - the supermarket man phoned at 10.30 to tell me he had a puncture.  He was nearby, and I could wait maybe 2 hours, or go and collect from him.

So at 12.00 I was still putting the shopping away.  Oh well!  Lunch at home, and off to our friend's house without egg decorating gear, as it felt like a step to far today!

The kids had fun though.  It was mild enough to play outside, and they have a big garden with a trampoline, slide, playhouse, swings, sandpit.  Heaven!

Betsy landed badly on the trampoline and came inside to do a puzzle and some painting.  Freddie and Betsy did some colour mixing (eventually it all ended up sludgy brown) and Meg painted too.

I drank tea, and even managed to do some knitting!  Happy me :-)

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