Thursday, 14 March 2013


Woooof, it's been a busy day.  We went to the amazing ThinkTank, Birmingham's science museum.  Our friend has membership and could get us in for free.  I felt it would be rude not to go!

Our journey was very smooth- no snarl ups on the M40, so it was an hour and 40 minutes each way.  Rob sweetly let the kids use his Nexus for the day, so they had that to play with in the car.

We arrived pretty much the same time as our friends, which was serendipitous.  Once inside there was so much to see and do.  We started with a mechanical digger, and a recycling exhibit.

Next we headed to the water area, with lots of different ways to move water and boats.  They all loved this, and we came back to it a couple of time over the day.

We played in the 'town' area, with a doctors surgery, cafe and petrol pump.  Then we went into the 'body' area.  It was amazing!  You could follow the transit of food along the digestive tract ( a big hit with my poo-loving kids), play with balls to show how the kidneys clean your blood, see a model heart beat at the same rate as your own (Betsy was grossed out by this), and much more.  Totally fascinating and very hands on.
We saw car-building robots in action, messed about with a heat sensing camera and checked out some trains, planes and automobiles.  We saw that crude oil makes so much of what we use every day. 

We finished off with the science garden.  There were air pressure rockets, pulleys that lift you up, a canal boat and lock system, all sorts.
An excellent day.  I'm exhausted!

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