Friday, 21 March 2014

Archery club

Today was a new archery club at Camp Mohawk.  It was on between 11 and 2, with shooting taking place for an hour in the morning and an hour after lunch.  

Meg was too young to join in, and Betsy didn't want to, so I brought some things to keep them amused - playdough, the Hexbugs and their habitat, some paper and pens, sticker books.  The playdough and Hexbugs were pretty popular, and most of the kids came over and had a play at some point.

Fred was happy to see his friends there, especially Billy and Moss.  He'd brought some nerf guns for playing with in between archery sessions.

He quite enjoyed the archery, and had three goes with six arrows each time.  Balloons were added to the target for the last session, and Fred popped one!

Moss's mum and I had both brought some bubbles, and the kids really enjoyed blowing and chasing.

Fred decided not to join the archery club.  He said he liked it, but didn't love it.

It's been another very busy week, and I'm glad it's the weekend.  Next week is hectic too, and then thankfully it calms down.  I have over scheduled us in March!  

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