Friday, 14 March 2014


....there goes another week, impossibly fast.

Last Friday was Camp Mohawk.  Fred did fire building (he's an old hand at this now).  We picked his Nerf sniper rifle up from the post office on the way there, so he spent a lot of time playing with it, and having conversations with people about it.  I hardly saw Betsy and Meg, they were off playing for ages.  They did come and do spring craft, and made some gorgeous paper plate dioramas.

On Sunday we went to Bristol to see my brother and his family.  It was my nephew's 4th birthday, and it was actually hot!  Amazing weather.  We played in the back garden and had food, before walking to the local (excellent) playground.  It was a long day, but really lovely to see all the family together.

We had a couple of lazy home days, Fred on the ipad and the playstation, Betsy and Meg building worlds or on the laptop or watching netflix or trampolining or planting GYOP seed potatoes and other things I've now forgotten!

On Wednesday I looked after Meg and Miles while Amanda stayed with the big kids at forest school.  Meg was under the weather with a cold and really wanted to be with me.  Betsy was unhappy with the arrangement and didn't want to stay without me, so I brought her back.  I really didn't want to make her stay if she was upset.  We popped to Hobbycraft and had a play at home before going back to swap Miles for Fred.

Apparently Fred had a great time!

In the afternoon Betsy decorated a cake.  She'd seen a video on youtube of two women making a Moshi cake.  We could get most of the ingredients locally, though I ordered some rainbow licorice sticks. 

She mixed the colouring into the icing, and did pretty much everything herself except for the rainbow. 

Today we spent the afternoon with Amanda, Caden and Miles.  We went to Willen lake in Milton Keynes, and had a picnic on the (not at all ancient!) standing stones.  Then we walked round to the playground.  Eventually there was a tired/bored situation brewing so we went back to Amanda's for ice cream, tv, ipad and dino world-building in the garden.

We have an allotment/car sorting/freezer defrosting kind of weekend planned.  Necessary but slightly dull!  

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