Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The last week

We've seen my mum twice, been swimming, played Wii games together, had long funny bubble baths, had pyjama parties, got Minecraft on the PS3 (whoop!), did a simple lapbook, played with the neighbours, did some Reading Eggs, pretended to be Barbie characters from the Dreamhouse tv programme.

It's Wednesday, so we went back to forest school.  Amanda and I arranged that she would have Meg and Miles and take them my house to play, and I'd stay with Fred, Betsy and Caden.  Meg was super-excited about going in Amanda's car! 

The kids enjoyed forest school again today.  Julie the leader is fantastic, and really gets the kids interested.  She's so enthusiastic, it's infectious.  On the walk to the site we passed some deer tracks.

There were lots of signs of spring.  The weather was dry and sunny, and you could practically see things growing in front of your eyes!  Green leaves were popping up out of the ground, were the previous week there had just been mud.

Fred found a ladybird, the first one we've seen this year.

Betsy picked daisies for a nest she built.

Spring is definitely springing.

Fred and his friend Heather volunteered to be the fire lighters.  They used a flint and steel, and soon had it going.  We'd all brought something to cook - crumpets, bagels, marshmallows.  Yum.

Julie brought some nests to show Betsy, after Betsy built a nest for her coconut pig last week,  The small one is possibly for a wren, and had some soft wool in it.  The larger one was maybe a blackbird nest.

Betsy has a spot she's chosen.  She likes to build nests in the bush, and sit next to the tree.

She found a tiny worm whilst digging (in contrast to the huge one I found last week!).  There were lots of baby worms today - maybe another sign of spring?

Someone found a skull.  After some discussion the group thought it might be a squirrel.

We got back and had a relaxed afternoon.  We're going to an observatory this evening (via McDonalds!).

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