Sunday, 21 May 2017

Iceland part 2

Day 3 of our Iceland adventure.  We left our lovely cabin and headed south.  The wind had really picked up, and there were weather warnings, so we reluctantly skipped a dip in a mountain hot spring.

Our first stop was a waterfall called Urridafoss.

Back on the road for 60km to Seljalandsfoss.  This is a glorious waterfall that you can walk behind.

Lovely spot for our picnic.

The wind had really picked up now, and was officially a storm.  We drove past Skogafoss without stopping, as we were staying at Skogar Hostel later in the week.  By the time we arrived at Vik, they had closed the road in and out of the town.  

We bought some food from the supermarket (and I chased Rob's coat across the car park, as it flew out when I opened the boot), and checked in at the hostel.

The plan had been to visit the black sand beach, and the nearby cliffs to see the puffins. There was absolutely no chance we could do that.  We overheard some people saying they'd been to the beach but the sand had been blowing at them so hard it was painful!

So we ate chicken and veggies and wraps, and played some games, and chilled with ipads and wifi, and did a little sock knitting, and watched the wind.

Thursday morning.  I'd paid a little more for Rob and I to have breakfast in the hostel (the kids preferred to have their usual cereal).  It was so good!  Smoked fish, delicious freshly baked bread, ham, cheese, veggies, yogurt, hard boiled egg, waffles, local syrup.  Yum.

Bad news after breakfast - the road was still closed.  I was very sad about this, as I pretty much planned the whole week around a visit to Jokulsarlon lagoon, in the south east.  We had a boat trip booked, and with the the road closure and the stormy winds that was not going to happen.  We sat reception, not able to go anywhere, not sure what to do.  Then suddenly the road was opened as far as Jokulsarlon, albeit with an advisory message not to travel unless necessary.  I left it to Rob to decide, as he was the one driving in these bad conditions.  Bless him, he said yes!

So we jumped in the car and set off, in case the road closed again!

It was a nervy drive, especially on the roads that skirted around the mountains.  The gusts were strong.

An actual flipping glacier!

But, but, but.  It was SO WORTH IT!

Jokulsarlon sits next to a huge glacier, and chunks come off it and float as icebergs into the lagoon.  It's so beautiful

Diving ducks.

The boat we had booked, but decided to opt for the refund as it was so windy.

 Actual seals!

On the other side of the bridge is the beach.  It's a black sand beach, and is littered with ice.  
There are icebergs, and smaller chunks.  The contrast between the sand and the ice is magical.  It's known as diamond beach.

We all absolutely loved it here.  We brought back a little black sand, and it's in a small jar on the mantelpiece.

Now we retraced our steps, as we'd reached our furthest point away from Reykjavik.  We headed west to our home for the night, a small cabin in a lava field east of Vik.

Another excellent Airbnb place.

Games, dinner, chilling.  Later, a short power cut in the nighttime dusk.  I waited till 11pm to see if it would get dark, but it was still light.

Part 3 to come!

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