Sunday, 21 May 2017

Iceland part 3

Friday, the storm was still blowing.  I'd planned a visit to this pool built at the bottom of a mountain, and this canyon, both very close to where we were.  But the weather!

So I asked our host if we could check out later.  Luckily he said this was fine.  We played a few more hands of our games, and had some paper aeroplane fun.

After lunch we headed out, back towards Vik.

We travelled past kilometres and kilometres of lava fields.

We went through wind, rain, and a couple of sand storms.  Lots of drama!

A quick pit stop in Vik to buy some supplies, then onto the youth hostel in Skogar.  It's right next to another well known Icelandic waterfall, Skogafoss.  A bit like Seljalandsfoss, you can get up close and personal.  The water falls into a shallow river, so you can stand very close to it.  We waterproofed up, and headed over.


Like Gullfoss earlier in the week, we were unbelievably lucky.  Against all the odds, the sun came out, and we had rainbows!

Rob and Betsy walked to the top.  I managed to catch them on their way down, in the centre of the photo here.

Rob took a gorgeous selfie of them.  Hmm, I can't find it, I'll come back and add it.

That was the only sight seeing we did on Friday, but it was awesome enough!

Saturday was a great example of the extremes of Iceland - we went to a glacier, a hot spring, and the city.  All very close to each other! 

The wind had finally died down, so we were able to go to the nearby Solheimajokull glacier. You can drive to a car park, and then walk a kilometre or two to the edge of it.

It was such a relief to be outside without a strong wind.  It was almost warm!


Next we drove to the Secret Lagoon.  This was HOT!  The kids found it too hot, and wanted to get out after about 45 minutes.  I loved it while it lasted!


We had lunch on a picnic table outside the lagoon, and warmed by the water and the better weather we took our coats off!

Just outside the city there is a wool factory shop.  Lots of lovely Icelandic wool.  We bought enough Lopi to make a lopapeysa each for Rob and I.

Final stop of the day - and the holiday - was a the coolest hippest youth hostel ever.

Eurovision Song Contest night.

Delicious rhubarb soda.

Our floor number.

Views from the roof terrace.

Fun photos with some goggles Fred bought.

Hanging out in the bar, watching Eurovision, knitting socks.

We had an earlyish night,  but Reykjavik doesn't sleep!  We got up and left for the airport at 5am, and the streets were as busy as the day.  For us it was morning, for everyone else it was the night before.  Excellent party spirit, and stamina!

We dropped the car back - all fine, no dents or scratches, phew - and they dropped us at the airport.  A quick croissanty breakfast, then on the plane.  So easy and straightforward.


Good flight, no wait for the bus to the car park, lunch at McDonalds, home and kettle on.

It was such a fantastic holiday.  Despite the wind, even though we missed some of the things I'd planned, it exceeded my expectations and went so well.  We had some wonderful experiences, and have come back with very happy memories.

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