Monday, 14 November 2011

Activity bags

I got out some activity bags that I made nearly two years ago. I'd forgotten about them, as Freddie wasn't mad keen on them, and Betsy was a bit young.

I dug them out today, and Freddie still wasn't keen, but Betsy enjoyed doing some.

She did some card lacing. She said she wants to do some knitting and sewing. I might get her a knitting dolly, and I've already bought some aida fabric to make some bookmarks for the grandparents for christmas.

Betsy did a sized sorting game, with small, medium and large egg shapes.

Then she did a counting game.

Freddie did some sorting using tongs.

Betsy did measuring.

Betsy also made these cute rubber-glove-finger people after seeing them on Mister Maker yesterday.

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