Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happiness is flying a kite

Freddie found a kite in the toy room this morning. We've had it for years but never used it. This morning was bright and sunny, and windy. Perfect kite flying weather!

We went to one of the many hills that surrounds Aylesbury, called Whitecross Hill. It does have a white cross on it, supposedly covering a pagan symbol. There's an ancient barrow up there too.

The sunlight coming through the trees was beautiful.

Freddie and Betsy loved tramping through the leaves, and throwing them up into the air to make leafy fireworks.

As soon as we reached the hillside we were buffeted by a really strong wind. Meg did not enjoy the wind at all, so she and I sat in a sheltered spot next to the barrow, while the other 3 flew the kite. It was so wonderful, sitting on the grass snuggling Meg and listening to the delighted laughing of Rob, Fred and Betsy. I've rarely felt happier.

And look at their faces! So happy. A very special morning.

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