Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekend at Granny and Grandads, fireworks included

We went to Rob's parents this weekend, who live in a village on the outskirts on Stoke On Trent.

It's a beautiful part of the country. Rob and his dad went to watch the football (invited to the directors box no less!), and the rest of us went to the playground.

Betsy and Meg love the swings.

And so do I! Freddie took this photo.

I think this is the nicest view I've ever seen from a playground.

Later, back at the house, we got busy getting things ready for bonfire night.

There was a beautiful sunset.

And the moon came up.

Rob and his dad lit the bonfire (though it didn't last long, as it was all green wood unfortunately). Freddie loved it while it lasted.

The farm over the road had a MASSIVE bonfire! I felt slightly like I was betraying our little bonfire but snuck out to have a look with Meg.

Rob's folks had got some fireworks. Betsy was worried about the whole thing and stayed indoors with Grandad - I think she's watched too much Fireman Sam! Freddie and Meg loved it though.

We finished off with sparklers.

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