Saturday, 3 December 2011

Forest school again, and it's freezing!

Brrrrrrrr, cold today. We wrapped up warm, and went to the woods for a home ed group. Luckily mum came over and looked after Meg, so it was just me and the big kids.

We made wooden hammers. The kids found whittling pretty difficult, so they left me too it *sigh*. The handles are made from willow, the heads from some sort of hard wood (Abbie did say, but I've forgotten).

They are excellent hammers, they function as they should!

Freddie tended the fire again, but it didn't stay in so long this time. Never mind, he enjoyed clearing the embers with his new tool.

Betsy used hers to knock a tent peg through little pieces of elder wood, and we made a necklace from them.

Freddie found a, well, we're not too sure. A baby worm? A caterpillar? A maggot?

Betsy made piles of leaves and twigs into pretend bonfires.

The poor girl was freezing by the end. next time I'll give her an extra layer and bring a blanket.

They played an elaborate game of spiders and flies. Freddie was king of the spiders. I'm not sure what the rules were.

The sun was low on the sky as we headed home to nanny, meg and a nice cup of tea.

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