Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The rest of the month in pictures

What with making presents every night, I haven't made time to blog much this month. We have done some cool stuff though, so here are a few highlights in photos.

We were lucky enough to get lots of snow when we visited Rob's parents before Christmas. We went on a steam train too, with sherry, mince pies, Father Christmas and presents.

I made Meg's stocking (she was too little for one last year).

I did some embroidery for the first time. I like it!

Freddie loved his Skylanders present so so much.
Meg was ill just after Christmas, and needed lots of cuddles.

I am looking forward to non-Christmas crafting now. I have balled the yarn from my first ever shawl club. It's the Easyknits Sushi-Shawl-Along Club. A delicious knitted rectangle of hand dyed yarn arrived. You ball it, then knit the shawl pattern it comes with. It's way easier than balling a skein, I always get tangled up with skeins. Can't wait to cast on!

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