Thursday, 1 December 2011

December at last!

Yay it's finally December! Last night I put all the autumn bits and pieces away, covered the seasonal tray in a white silk, hung up the crocheted snowflakes and got out the advent candle.

Rob dug the advent calendar out of the loft this morning. I bought it back in October as I just loved it and didn't want it to sell out. It's an Eric Carle one. When you open the door there is a little cardboard decoration to hang on the pop up tree.

Today it was a Father Christmas with his sack of presents.

We went into town to see Father Christmas. We did this yesterday too but I had forgotten there was a strike on. Town was full of kids and the queue for the grotto was enormous! So we went back today (and all the other kids are back at school thank goodness).

He was a great Father Christmas. Old, with twinkly eyes and a perfect manner about him. Freddie asked for Skylanders, and Betsy asked for a yoyo and a train (I don't think it's a coincidence that this is what Peppa Pig asks for).

They were given a penguin, with magic water that makes them go all fluffy. This is what they looked like before the water takes effect.

This afternoon we visited the local fire station, with some of the people from our home ed co-op and some local home ed families. It was excellent. They were very accommodating, and we got to see loads of interesting things.

They opened up all the compartments in the fire engine, and showed us the equipment.

We went inside the mobile command unit/bus. If 5 or more fire engines get called out to an emergency, the mobile command unit goes along to coordinate the fire fighters.

The kids sat in the fire engine and had a look at the equipment kept inside - gas masks, oxygen packs. Freddie put the flashing lights on (the button for this has 999 written on it).

Then we went outside, and they brought the fire engine round with the lights and siren on.

Everyone had a go at the hose. They put it on really low pressure - the high pressure will knock even a big strong fire fighter off their feet! At high pressure the water tank will empty in 1 minute.

It was such a great visit. I think we'll arrange another one somewhere, so the people in our group who missed it can come.

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