Friday, 9 December 2011

Tea experiment, and a magical evening

We dug out our kitchen science kit, and Freddie decided to try the tea experiment.

He made a cup of tea, and left it to go cold. Then he poured it into three glasses.

Here they are, all the same colour.

He poured lemon juice into the first glass, and washing up liquid into the second glass. The first glass changed colour and became paler, the second glass became darker.

Freddie tested all three glasses with indicator paper. The first went red for acid, the second when blue for alkaline, and the third stayed the same colour, for neutral.

We didn't have much indicator paper so will buy some more, and test lots more liquids to see what they are.

We went to Waddesdon this evening, to their magical winter wonderland. The house was lit up, with a dozen Christmas trees lined up outside.

The grounds were lit up with fairy lights in the trees, it was so beautiful.

We walked along the reindeer trail, with willow reindeer and more lovely lights.

The stables were rammed with people. Part of it had turned into a winter snow scene. There were stilt walkers, a juggler, a choir. Lots of food - popcorn, hotdogs, candy floss, mulled wine. Betsy found it all a bit overwhelming, so we didn't hang around (and no photos unfortunately).

We walked back up to the top of the hill. I went for some hot chocolate, and the kids went on the big swing in the dark. Lovely!

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