Sunday, 11 December 2011


Today was the nativity and Christmas party with our home ed group.

For the first time, I invited my family along. They are pretty good at keeping their reservations to themselves about our decision to home ed, but I am aware that they all have concerns.

So I was feeling nervous about today - I was opening up our group to, hmm not quite judgement, but I felt I was making myself vulnerable.

Especially as the group hadn't rehearsed all that much, and that we were taking a very informal approach to it all!

Our nativity was based on a childrens book that told the story from some animals perspective. Iit was very sweet. Each family took the part of an animal family. The Fieldings were lambs. Freddie didn't want to take part, so it was just Betsy and me.

I made her costume from a white vest, with cotton wool balls sewn all over it. It looked great over a black top and leggings. No photos of her outfit for some reason, but here she is before the vest went on.

After that the kids did Jingle Bells on handbells. Then the recorder group (including me) did Silent Night and Away In a Manger.

We played more music as a mixed ensemble - flute, violin, french horn, guitar and harmonica (me!).

Sujoya played the most beautiful piece of music on the harp, watched closely by Freddie and danced along with by Isabel. It was the most magical moment of the afternoon.

Meg fell asleep on mum, and we ate delicious food brought by all the families.

Joelle dressed up as a christmas cracker, and the kids has some party games.

Rob overheard mum saying to Chris that the other home ed families were pretty normal. I'm hoping we allayed some of her fears today!

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