Tuesday, 7 February 2012

(I) Love hearts

We bought some new heart cookie cutters yesterday, so today we made some hearts to hang up around the house.

First they were used with the play dough.

Betsy and I made a window heart inspired by this blog though we laminated ours rather than using sticky back plastic (oh how I disliked having to cover school books in that stuff, it almost always wrinkled!).

I like how it turned out, I think we'll make another with red and pink.

Betsy made a valentines picture for Rob, with more tissue paper.  It's very sweet, I'm sure he'll love it.

I needle felted some hearts while Meg slept and the kids tootled about on the Wii and computer.

I made 3 into a hanging decoration, replacing the crocheted snowflakes that went up in December.

I'll make as many more as I can stand - I think lots of them piled up on the nature tray will look gorgeous, and be fun to play with and sort into colours.


  1. Awww lovely, I'm sure I pinned lots of Valentine's crafts but it's already less than a week away and still I've done nothing.

    1. That's the problem with pinterest! I'm sure my brain thinks that if I've pinned it I've done it lol