Wednesday, 8 February 2012


We went bowling with our home ed co-op today, to celebrate one of the kids 5th birthday.  There were 15 children plus a handful of parents.

Meg made a break for the bowling lanes a few times, getting half way down before I caught her.  She was very interested in the whole thing, and helped bowl a few balls herself.

Freddie played the whole game - a first for him.  And he won!  

It was the co-op session after this.  We are looking at inventions and inventors in February.

We had cogs to play with, junk modelling, play dough, an inventions timeline, broken equipment to dismantle.

Betsy made a rocket.

One of the mums came up with an amazing baby carrier made from a pair of trousers.  She had a teeny pair of nail scissors to cut into the trousers, then ripped the fabric.  She tied a couple of knots, and then hey presto!  

What an awesome invention!  It was very comfortable too.

Afterwards there was time for a quick play in the (now very crunchy and frozen) snow before it got dark.

We're staying home tomorrow - Freddie is anxiously awaiting a delivery from Amazon.  Lego Pirates of the Caribbean are on their way...

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  1. Oooh looks like a fun day, hope his Lego makes it through the snow, our postpeople have given up!