Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ice ice baby

Oh wow another frrrrrrrrrrrrrrreezing cold day here.

We met up with my mum at the woods.  No muddy puddles to fall into this week, they'd all frozen over.

Freddie and Betsy enjoyed sliding on the iced up mud.

Freddie found a leaf covered in sparkling frost.  It looked very pretty in the winter sunlight.

They enticed Nanny into playing the dinosaurs in the forest game.  She was a T-Rex - and her roar was a little too scary for Betsy!   She definitely got into the the swing of things.

By this point it had all got too much for my little Meg.  She was so cold, despite her many layers.  She was miserable, snotty and wailing.  We took the sensible decision to retreat to the cafe.

Freddie chose an ice cream.  On such a freezing cold day!  Oh - check out his haircut...

Betsy sorted her smarties into colours, and gave me her orange one as she knows it's my favourite (yum).

Mum and I had hot chocolates, and they were delicious.

Betsy found a chunk of ice from a frozen puddle on the way back to the car.  We brought it with us, put it in a bowl that had been left in the car, and put it in the garden at home.  We're going to see if it's still ice in the morning.

The rest of the day was spent in front of the fire - one the Wii, doing puzzles, knitting, looking at books.  I don't think we'll leave the house tomorrow, not while it's so cold.  Meg doesn't like it one little bit!

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  1. Mmm hot chocolate and Smarties - sounds like a win to me!