Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

Betsy and I made a three little pigs puppet set yesterday, inspired by this blog post at innerchildfun.  I offered her different materials to make the puppets from (card, felt or craft foam).  She liked the feel of the craft foam and chose that.
Betsy cut the straw and the sticks, and drew the bricks.  I helped with the pigs and the wolf, and she drew the eyes and mouths.
The play set turned out really well. We waited till today to play with it, once the glue was dry.
Freddie played the wolf, Betsy the pigs and I worked the houses.  I think we'll make another set, maybe the Billy Goats Gruff.
Freddie's been playing a lot of Dinosaur Strike on the Wii, with a spillover into us all playing fighting dinosaur games.  I have been defeated many many times!

I dug out some games that had been waiting for a moment of boredom.  The kids had a bendy straw building kit for christmas.  Freddie and I made a sort of double wheel with spokes.  It was one of those things that only diverts for 10 minutes, but seems to bring different elements of previous experiences together.

We played 3D snakes and ladders, and made some paper aeroplanes from the book I bought at the weekend.  

Betsy did some painting.  She said it was the best painting ever done in the world!

Our Grow Your Own Potatoes pack arrived last week.  This is our third year of doing it.  Today we put the seed potatoes on the window sill for chitting.
We just need to get some compost for planting them out in a couple of weeks time.  We'd better start thinking about the allotment soon too, growing season is fast approaching!

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  1. Love the 3 little pigs idea, I'm going to use that! We've been playing with puppets this past week but hadn't thought to do some set design too. Thanks :)