Monday, 9 April 2012

Back in the groove

Ugh, we've had weeks of illness.  First Meg, then Freddie the following week with a nasty (I think) virus that affected his ear for days.  Betsy was ill the week after that, so we were pretty much housebound for 3 weeks.  
We finally were all better and got out of the house this weekend.  It was Easter so we had Rob around for 4 days, which made me and the kids very happy.
Rob and Betsy went to the cinema on Saturday.  They saw The Pirates and both really enjoyed it.  Freddie didn't fancy the cinema, so he stayed home with me.  Meg slept, Freddie watched a film on the TV, I sewed.
We went to the woods on Sunday.  The girls went on the swings, Freddie and I did the assault course. 
I saw some bright yellow gorse flowers, brightening up a cloudy day.
Freddie saw a great tit fly out of this hole in the tree trunk.  We wondered if there's a nest inside, but didn't want to poke around in case we disturbed any eggs.
We played an involved game where Freddie and I (and sometimes Betsy) were raptors, being hunted by the T Rexs (Rob, and sometimes Betsy).  We had a lair in the rhododendrens.
Meg tootled about, falling over tree roots and exploring the bushes.
 Yes, I suppose I should be helping her here, rather than taking a photo.....snigger!
There was an obligatory stop at the cafe before we headed home. 

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