Monday, 16 April 2012


More time spent on the little road again today.  Freddie is loving his bike.  Betsy zoomed on Freddie scooter as Meg had purloined hers!  We're planning on getting Meg a scooter for her birthday but I think she wants one sooner rather than later....

This very pretty flower was growing through the crack between the pavement and a fence.  It has some other buds and the kids want to go back a pick one.

While we were hanging out a duck waddled over.  Freddie was a bit worried that she wasn't by the canal so he asked me to get some bread.  We made a trail to the tow path, but she didn't want to go in and popped into our neighbour's front garden instead!

We checked the tadpoles, who seem happy.  We'll buy some fresh pond weed for them in the next day or two.  Betsy did a frog lifecycle picture.  Freddie didn't want to make anything but chatted about what she was doing.
The frog spawn is made from bubblewrap!  I got the idea from this website.
Lots of rain forecast for the next few days.  Bummer.

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