Friday, 13 April 2012

A favourite place with some old friends

When we lived in west London we went to Kew Gardens a couple of times a month, and sometimes every week.  It's beautiful there, whatever time of year.  I haven't been for months and months, and have really missed it.
So today has been lovely, as we went to Kew with some old friends who live up the road from there.  We got the bus from their house, and the kids enjoyed sitting upstairs (though I need to get an Oyster Card, the cash fare was £2.30 each way!).
Here are some moments from the day.
The Pagoda in the distance:
Aeroplanes flying into Heathrow, Meg didn't get tired of them at all!
There were lots of tractors big and small.
This was such a beautiful tree.  Freddie and Betsy collected some blossom.
We looked at an old fountain, checked out how it worked.
Our spot for lunch.
Some snakes head Frittillary.
At the playground.
We have photos of Freddie and Soli doing this as babies, toddlers, preschoolers....!
 Another gorgeous tree.
The Palm House
Geese and goslings.
Happy day!

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