Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another wet weekend...

It's pretty much been raining for two weeks.  We've had more hail, plus some wind for good measure.  The local park (which is prone to waterlogging at the best of times) has a puddle big enough to attract ducks and swans to swim on!
This weekend it continued to rain.  We've stayed in, though Freddie has been round to his friend next door to play.
It's been actually properly cold.  It's the end of April, but we've needed the fire lit.
Rob and Betsy worked on making a birdhouse this afternoon.  Betsy painted it, and Rob screwed it together.  In a break in the rain he put it up on a tree outside our house.
In the evening it finally stopped raining, and the skies cleared.  Blue again!  The kids played in the garden, and we checked over some of the plants.  They've been loving the weather, everything is blooming!  The potatoes are doing well, the mint is up, and one of our shrubs has the most beautiful pink flowers.
I tackled the shelves of doom.  I got rid of some books, moved some others to the loft, and had a good sort out.  I'd forgotten half of the cool books and resources I had squirreled away!

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