Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fire in the woods

Zoe invited us over to her house for a woodland day - hanging out in the woods behind her house, fire lighting, toasting marshmallows.  Nice.

We played inside to begin with, while we waited for the other families to arrive.  Fred and Billy played Halo on the xbox (first time Fred has been in the same room as an xbox).  Betsy created a farm with a barn on Minecraft.  Meg set up a world with the Playmobil, and played with some play dough.

After lunch we went outside.  Meg and another girl T helped Zoe build the fire, adding straw under the kindling.  Fred and Zoe lit it with matches (I forgot to pick up his flint and steel).

Then it was a marshmallow fest!  All the kids had toasted some.  When we'd eaten enough they burnt some directly on the fire, and it was interesting to watch how it changed shape and bubbled.

As the fire died down, Fred picked up a partially burnt piece of wood and wrote his name on a log.

The kids played inside some more - lego, minecraft, play dough.  I drank lots of tea.

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