Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gaming, family, art and friends

It's been a pretty relaxed few days.  We visited a family in Milton Keynes.  Fred was excited as one of the kids had GTA5.  And lots of other PS3 games that he liked.  They had a blast - playing, laughing, jumping around.

They had some really great toys to play with too.  A cute little shop that Betsy and Meg loved, Minecraft Lego, a car race track.  We all played and played.

As usual Minecraft has featured heavily.  Betsy has been writing a book on in Minecraft on the laptop.  The girls frequently collaborate and create farms, zoos, houses and other structures.

Today Betsy made a log flume.

I had a day out with a friend on Saturday (birthday treat).  We met at the Tate Modern.  It was excellent.  We went to two exhibitions - Conflict, Time Photography (bleak, important) and Sigmar Polke (eccentric, funny).  I absoutely love the south bank, and thoroughly enjoyed wandering along the river from Embankment to the gallery.

On the way I managed to do some knitting on the train, and watch the very light sprinkling of snow fall.

On Sunday we had a family get together at my mum's, along with Duncan, Jazz and their lovely kids.  We don't them very often.  

Yesterday Fred spent some of his Christmas money on GTA5.  And he's played it a lot, yesterday and today.  He's very happy!

Betsy and Meg painted a tea set that Meg got for Christmas.

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