Friday, 23 January 2015

Ice ice baby.

We had a quiet day at home yesterday. Fred is very much into GTA5, and has completed 30% of the game.  

Betsy and Meg did various things together.  Meg got out the tap tap set, and Betsy spent ages making a pattern.

They set up a game where Betsy hid various cuddly toys around the house, and Meg had to find them.  Betsy drew a checklist of the animals to find, and gave Meg clues about where they were.  It was fab, and they both had a lot of fun.

Betsy likes to write as part of their games, either typing (like her Minecraft book), or with pens (like treasure maps or checklists).  

Meg had a GP appointment this morning, to review her inhaler use and to get a repeat prescription.  It doesn't look like she has asthma or need to use the preventative one on a regular basis, so that's good.  After that I had a couple of errands to run - post office, chemist, a few bits from the shop - and the kids were really patient.  I was grateful for it!

After lunch we walked to the swimming pool to meet up with two other home ed families.  The walk was lovely, the canal was frozen over.  The kids chucked sticks and stones and enjoyed watching them skid across the ice.  Fred managed to break the ice with a rock, and we watched a large air bubble form and then escape through the hole.

Further along we said hello to the swans and watched the duck slipping and sliding on the ice. Meg spotted some frozen duck poo!  Fred broke some ice from the canal surface and picked it up.

Swimming was great.  Afterwards we stopped at the playground for a little while.

On the way home Fred lobbed a stick into the canal and it landed like a javelin!

Home now, fire lit, Betsy playing Minecraft at Jarvis's house, Fred playing GTA5, Meg watching Pokemon.

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