Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Home days

I forgot to mention our sad news.  Mabel (noisy and beloved old tabby) got ill, and I took her to the vets last week to be put to sleep.  She was nearly 18.  We're missing her.

For a few months last year (autumn mostly) we had a flea infestation.  It was horrible.  They were everywhere, except the cat once she'd been treated.  Rob and the kids were bitten constantly. Ugh.

As part of Operation De-Flea I bagged up most of the cuddly toys.  There are hundreds of them - they fill one of the hanging net storage things from Ikea, plus 5 bin bags.  Anyway, yesterday I released them.  Betsy and Meg were delighted!

They spent quite a while reacquainting themselves with old friends, and sorting them into creature piles.  Betsy has covered her bed with them in a very sweet display.

Fred skyped with Billy again, and he asked for a Steam game called Postal 2.  He loves it!

Rob had a game of chess each with Meg and Betsy.  He lost both matches, of course.

All three aren't sure about the months of the year, so I printed them off and stuck them up (along with badly drawn-by-me season pictures!).  This worked really well with days of the week, so I'm hoping it will help.

I've joined a national award scheme for STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) activities, called CREST.  It cost a whole 80p as a home ed mum coordinated a large group which brought the cost down dramatically.  I have access to lots of different ideas and activities, and I'm planning on offering one a week.   The scheme suggests children do 8 activities and receive a certificate.  

Betsy and Meg did one today, called Confusing Cans.  It was fun - I got out a board and they rooled cans down it across the living room, trying to guess the contents of cans that had their labels removed.  Which one rolled the furthest?  Betsy worked out that the heaviest (the cat food) would probably roll the furthest.

I've been doing some learning of my own, and signed up to a free Open University course about Orion.  I'm hoping to share some of it with Fred, as he's interested in the formation of stars and the origins of the universe.

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