Monday, 5 January 2015

It's been a while....

New year, new blogging energy!

Today has been fun.  We went ice skating in Milton Keynes (mega cheap thanks to a mum who organised a home ed group rate).  Meg had skates with two blades, and was perfectly happy pushing her penguin (named Peggy!) around the ice.

Betsy looked a bit like Bambi, her long legs disappearing from under her.  She banged her head on the ice once, but apart from that her falls were mostly funny rather than painful.

Fred just couldn't stay on his feet.  He's usually pretty good at physical things, well coordinated and with a good sense of balance.  I don't know how many times he fell over today!  He stuck with it for ages, over an hour.  Eventually he had enough.  A year or two ago he would have been very upset and frustrated, but he took it in his stride.

The ice rink was very busy, as the schools don't go back until tomorrow.  Plus there were lots of home edders there.  Zoe, Dallas and Billy came, and we invited them back for lunch.  It's always lovely to spend time with them.  Zoe, Betsy and I played My Little Pony top trumps.   Erin came over.  There was MLP on Netflix, and Minecraft on ipads, and on the laptop.

Later when they got back home, Fred and Billy skyped and played Minecraft.  It's the first time Fred's skyped anyone, and he loves it!  I see more of this in our future.

It's Rob's birthday today.  Meg made a card, I made browines.  Sad for Rob returning to work on his birthday.

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