Thursday, 21 May 2015

A day in the Stone Age

Today has been long, exhausting, interesting and fun.  We drove 90-something miles to Suffolk and back again for a stone age experience.  Will Lord is an experimental archaeologist and knows *a lot* about prehistoric people.

We left the house at 7.30 (7.30!  In the morning!), and arrived at about 9.45.  We were shown into the tent.  The tent was decorated with cave art type drawings, and lots of animal skins. 

We waited, until eventually we heard a sound, like a horn blowing.  The stone age men were coming!

They were dressed in furs and skins, and had even made their shoes from authentic materials.

After a fun timeline presentation, we went outside.  There were lots of things for the kids to do or watch.  They could use ochres on their faces, do cave-type art on clay, skin a deer, flint knapping, fire lighting (with no flint and steel, very tricky), making a rabbit trap, making an antler whistle (very very tricky!), as well as chatting with Will and Simon.  They are both extremely knowledgeable and interesting.

We started by watching Will skin a muntjac deer.  All three kids watched the whole thing.

Here is the meat folded up in the skin, to keep the flies (and the cat!) off.  It was cooked over the fire for lunch, and was delicious.

Fred painted his face, and I did Betsy's and Meg's.

We made some clay figures - little dolls - to represent our family.  Betsy made some clay animals too, very cute!

We watched Will and Simon make embers, using a stick and leather that looked a bit like a bow.

The kids had a go at flint knapping.  I couldn't get photos of the girls as I was holding the flint for them.

Other photo opportunities missed - rabbit trapping, cave art clay creations, attempts at whistle making.

It was a fascinating day.


  1. Fantastic. I've seen stuff about Will Lord before and would love to do a day like that. Too far for us unfortunately. Very jealous.