Sunday, 17 May 2015

Catching up...

It's been a while since I last wrote about what we've been up to.  

Rob and I had a weekend away in Leicester.  It was fab - we mooched, spent time in the pub, visited Leicester Cathedral and Richard III's grave, the museum, back to the pub again!

The kids had a brilliant time with my mum, doing crafts, watching Paddington, fishing, and having McDonalds.

We've had quite a few days at home.  Betsy and I have started work on cardboard skeleton, though I have put it on the shelf in disgrace after realising I've put the spine on back to front.  I'm going to have to take all the ribs off again, and the pelvis.  Agghh!

Betsy and Meg made lots of art work using stickers.

The kids came with me to vote, and we chatted about the election and voting as we walked.

We've had some days out too.  My youngest brother had a family birthday party, and it was a lovely afternoon.  

Zoe organised a visit to a working farm.  We had a fun and very bumpy tractor trailer ride, and saw lots of animals.

We went to Legoland, and had a fab day.

We visited the local RSPCA centre, and met a young cat that we hope to bring home next week!

Clash of Clans has had a resurgence,  with Fred and Betsy playing together and with other kids they know.

Plus the usual playing Minecraft, on the trampoline, with the local kids etc.

I wish it would warm up, I'm flipping freezing!

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