Monday, 18 May 2015

Egg drop challenge and other fun

It was the home ed day at the Thames Valley Adventure Playground today.  It rained and poured on the way, windscreen wipers not fast enough to keep the windscreen clear!

Thankfully it had pretty much stopped by the time we arrived.  The playground was very wet, so we spent the first part of the afternoon inside.

The kids headed for soft play first.  Betsy and Meg picked out some costumes to wear.

Zoe set up an egg drop challenge.  There was loads of materials - boxes, bubble wrap, yoghurt pots etc.  

Fred did a joint one with Billy, Betsy and Meg did one each.

We took them outside and the kids dropped them from the top of the big castle.

The eggs survived!

Fred, Betsy and I played a game of Cluedo, while Meg played with the dolls and kitchen.

They all played on the bikes and ride ons.

It was a great afternoon!


  1. What fun! We keep meaning to do the egg drop but always seem to get side tracked. It looks like a winning engineering activity:)

  2. It looks like you've been having tonnes of fun. the egg drop challenge looks fun!