Friday, 22 May 2015

Welcome Rosie!

Just a quick post today.  We picked up our new cat from the local RSPCA.  She's called Rosie, she's of uncertain age (around 1 or so), she has long, very soft fur, and the fluffiest tail.  She's black, with one quirky white whisker!

She's pretty confident, and spent a long time exploring the house and sniffing everything.  She's let us stroke her and rewarded us with some very lovely purring.

She was spayed a couple of days ago, so she has stitches and one of those annoying plastic collars.  I think she'll be so happy when it's gone.

She's settling in well, and likes sitting on the window sill.

The kids are delighted (and so are Rob and I).  We've really missed having a cat.

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