Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Back again....

I'm going to gloss over the massive flaming gap in the blog, and pretend like it didn't happen (*again*).

Nan gave me some roses on Sunday - we had a tea party for Betsy's 4th birthday - and they were looking just beautiful in the morning sunlight.

I decided to be a little more on the ball with strewing today. I left the cuisinaire rods and alphablock letters out on the table. I was slightly surprised when Freddie came over and made a ship with the cuisinaire rods, taking time to arrange them just so.

Then he made really long nonsensical words with the alphablocks. He and Betsy loved it when I tried to pronounce the words.

Betsy got a birthday present through the post. It was some lovely oil pastels, bright coloured paper and stickers. She was very happy and spent a long while drawing, sticking and cutting.

We went to the home ed session at College Lake this afternoon. It's the first time we've been along to the group though we've met some of the people at other places.

Bird watching through the window and on the video screens:

On a fungi hunt:

Looking thorough the microscope at the fungi (and leaves, and our fingertips):

Betsy was more interested in drawing:

The lakes:

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