Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tiredness, and trains

God we're tired today. Sleep has been very disturbed recently, with various kids coughing, feeling sick, teething and generally being unsettled.

Friday night was awful. Freddie felt ill, so I woke Rob up and got him to sleep in Fred's bed and Fred came in with me and Meg. I fed Meg during the night as usual. Betsy came in as she'd lost her dummy. Meg was sick in the bed. Twice. Then it was morning. Ugghh.

Last night was bad again. Meg was coughing and crying. I couldn't handle another night like it, so I sloped off upstairs to the airbed, leaving Rob to manage Meg. She was up till 3.30!

Anyway, so today we're tired. We went to the railway centre as I had a half price ticket that was too good to waste.

We all went on the miniature train, then Rob, Fred and Betsy went on again.

Meg was very excited to see the big steam train, and waved every time it chuffed past.

We went on the train, and waved at everyone!

Rob and Freddie went to the allotment this morning, making good use of the extra hour from the clock change. They did some tidying up of the plot, and picked a few more crops. We'll be having some of the pumpkin tomorrow, roasted with sausages yum!

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