Friday, 21 October 2011

A trying day

Meg has been a very unhappy baby today. She's been in my arms or on my back pretty much all day.

It makes it difficult to anything with the bigger two, so we made the most of any quiet moments we had.

Freddie made some playdough pancakes.

We created more volcanos and used up our stock of food colouring and vinegar!

Freddie did some of the writing and sticker questions in a Cbeebies Halloween magazine (and it came with these supercool scary glasses):

Jarvis came over after school, and they played Skylanders on the computer.

Rob gets home from work around 7.30, and Freddie and Betsy love getting some time with him. Tonight they played with lego while I popped to the shop, and folded some washing.

I'm glad it's Saturday tomorrow, and Rob will be home. I hope Meg will be feeling better.

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