Thursday, 20 October 2011


Another day another group, this time a family community day at Heroes, an animal/education centre.  It's one of Freddie's favourite places to go.  He gets to play with Archie all day, scoot or cycle, help feed and clean out the animals and beedle about doing what he likes.  Unforunately they're ending the family days for the forseeable future, and we're all disappointed.

  Betsy and Meg play in the playhouse, and both love the pushalong car

Meg loves the animals.  Today she was picking grass to feed to the piglets.

 And she adores Rudy the dog.  Every time I take my eyes off her for more than 30 seconds she's zoomed off the play with Rudy.  Rudy is a very patient dog!

Meg is under the weather today though and by the time we got home she'd had enough.  Teething plus a cold is no fun.

I'm glad we have a day at home planned tomorrow.

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