Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Today is our home ed co-op day. We went to Sujoyas for a quick play and picnic lunch before heading to the village hall.

Some us of had brought along science experiments and activities. Freddie and Betsy love making bicarb and vinegar volcanos, so we volunteered to do that. We brought some food colouring along and messed about making different coloured lava.

Joelle did something interesting with milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. I haven't a clue what she was doing, I'll ask her next time I see her!

Meg is teething and coming down with a cold so is a bit of a clingon at the moment. She did hang out with her baby buddies for a while though.

Later at home Freddie worked on some play dough and tried to play Skyrangers on the pc (it keeps crashing for some reason, very frustrating). When Rob got home he and Freddie insulated the worms with leaves, as it's getting pretty cold at night now. We went for a spooky dark walk around the block with the torch, and with Betsy in the wrap as she is scared of the dark.

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