Friday, 28 October 2011

Fog and creatures

We had a lovely day at Waddesdon, a manor house built by the Rothschild family in the late 19th century. It's beautiful here, the house and the grounds.

Freddie likes to hide in the jungle aka the tree fern garden. He's very well camouflaged today!

It was foggy this morning, and we drove through large patches of fog on the way to Waddesdon. The kids loved it. It soon burned off, but before it did we got to see the gorgeous view.

The autumn colours were just stunning in the bright sunlight.

There are a few great hills for rolling down.

We spotted some huge fungi on the bottom of a tree.

Then we met up with our friends, and headed to the woodland playground.

We had a picnic, and rode up back to the house on the landtrain. The formal gardens at the back of the house are amazing - very ornate, precise, in perfect order. I kept removing Meg from sitting on perfectly trimmed and shaped hedges eek!

Betsy found a couple of snails (I'm surprised they were allowed to be there by the army of gardeners!), and we found a statue with dozens and dozens of ladybirds crawling over it.

Such a great day. It's the weekend tomorrow so we'll have Rob to play with.

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