Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Yesterday it stopped raining for the day.  We were all pleased to get outside.  Freddie wanted to show us the biggest puddle (the one he swam in on 'his best day in history')   I had an important parcel to post so we did that first, and on to the park afterwards.
He was so right about the puddle!  There was a very deep lake in the underpass, so deep that it sloshed over the top of wellington boots with ease.  Betsy was very unhappy about it, Freddie was delighted.
Then the massive lake in the middle of the park.  Huge!  I tried to take some photos but I dropped my phone and it got wet (doh!).
After lots of splashing and some fun in the playground we headed home for lunch.
Later, we started an experiment with white flowers and food-coloured water.  We've not it before, and I've no idea how long it might take, or even if it will work at all.  I have my doubts about the yellow, as it was pretty viscous compared to the blue, but we'll see.
Betsy decorated some craft foam people.

Freddie spent some time on the Wii, playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  He finished a level that's been challenging him for ages.
He and Meg then made the most of the dry weather.  Freddie wanted to do experiments with water and balloons.  He filled them up, squirted them, and made water bombs.  Jarvis came round after school and joined in the fun.

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  1. Glad you got a dry moment, and spent it getting wet from water balloons, lol.