Sunday, 10 June 2012

Being 7

It's Freddie's birthday weekend!  It was his 7th birthday yesterday.  He and Betsy woke at 5.30am, a whole 3 (or 4) hours earlier than they tend to wake up.  Rob persuaded them back into bed for another hour or so.
He opened his presents.  We got him a radio controlled boat - he wasn't expecting it and was so happy!  Here he is, taking it on its maiden voyage:
In the afternoon we went to a splashzone, an indoor water playground with water slides and fountains.  It doesn't have a swimming pool, you just run about like a loon going down the slides and getting wet and laughing.  We had a 2 hour slot, and by the end we were all exhausted.  The kids fell asleep on the way home, a very rare occurrence for all three to sleep at the same time.
Freddie was feeling off colour by this point - I'm not sure if it was tiredness, excitement or if he was coming down with something.  He didn't want any dinner, and was falling asleep on the sofa.
He was still not right this morning, so we postponed the family get together.  Instead he sailed his boat on the canal, and drove his radio controlled car on the little road (present from Granny and Grandad), and rested on the sofa in between times.
We went out in the afternoon for a while, to a nearby lake.  More sailing, and also some rocket launching (a present from Betsy and Meg).  It's brilliant!  The rockets can go up to 400 feet high.
Freddie was finally hungry when we got back, so after tea we did his birthday cake, 1 day late.  It's a pile of brownies, as none of the kids like icing.

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  1. Happy Birthday Weekend Freddie! Glad he's perked up and got to enjoy some brownies :) Those presents look and sound awesome!