Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quick, quick, slow

We've had a couple of busy days, making the most of the sunny weather.  
We went to a park in Watford, that has a lovely playground next to three big paddling pools.  The kids absolutely and totally loved it!  Freddie is rarely happier than when he's playing in water.  We splashed, picnicked and played.  I forgot my phone so missed many excellent photo opportunities *sigh*
The next day we met up with some of our home ed group at a fruit picking farm.  It wasn't so sunny, and the sky was dark and threatening on one side of us, sunny on the other.  Sorry about the mismatched font sizes, I was playing about with a photo editing website (and not doing it terribly well!)
After playing some football and hide and seek, and a picnic, we went to pick some strawberries.

From there we went to the Thames, to  a spot that's perfect for paddling.  
Freddie stayed in the river for 3 hours.  He wanted to stay in longer, but our journey home was quite long and the girls were getting tired and hungry!  We'll go back to that spot again, it really was perfect.
We had a really lovely, busy couple of days, and I was totally knackered today.  The kids were ready for a slower paced day too.  Freddie played on the Wii, we went to the pet shop and looked at the fish and the furry pets for sale. 
After lunch we made a volcano using (way too sloppy) salt dough and a plastic bottle.  
After we'd exhausted our supply of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, the kids did some playdough and plastacine modelling.
Freddie made a plastacine snail and Betsy made a playdough pig.  They were so cool!

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