Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A couple of outings

It's been a busy few days.  We went to London on the train, visiting the Natural History Museum.  We saw the dinosaurs, and the blue whale room (I've never forgotten how BIG it was, the first time I saw it as a child).
The train from Aylesbury:
The tube:

The dinosaurs!  This is Allosaurus:
This is Tuojiangosaurus.
They have a live action T Rex, who is pretty scary.  Freddie really didn't like it, and Betsy wasn't all that keen either.
After a quick pit stop in the cafe we went to the big mammals room.  We looked at the blue whale, the whale skeletons, the stuffed elephants and giraffes.
Then we got well and truly fleeced in the gift shop before heading home.  It was a lovely time.
Yesterday we met up with some old friends in the woods.  No photos but it was great - picnic, playground, a walk, a game of football.  It rained, but it didn't matter.
Today we went to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre with our home ed group.  We love it there - trains to play with and ride on. 
We pretty much spent our entire time there doing this:
We went on six times!  Then it poured with rain for a few minutes, making some big puddles to jump in.  The kids got soaked, and we went home tired and happy.


  1. What a lot of fantastic goings on.
    We are off to the Museum tomorrow. That whale certainly does stick in the mind - its all DD can think about!!!

  2. I may be having serious memory lapse but I didn't realise you lived in Aylesbury, yet I feel like I've said that before. My friend recently moved there from here so I'll recommend some of your exciting excursions to her :) Looks like you've been having great fun x