Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jellyroll race quilt

I heard about a jellyroll race quilt on Natural Mamas, a forum I'm a member of.  I loved the idea, and followed this tute to make one.  I used a Moda dark palette jellyroll.   I made the quilt top in just under 3 hours, and then left it sitting in my 'to do' pile for 3 months.
I finally got my act together this week, as I wanted to finish it and give it to Freddie for his birthday.  I'd bought some batman fabric, and made a pieced back with some navy kona and light blue kona.  I embroidered a little message on the light blue, and did a scrappy binding with the rest of the dark blue and some red I found in my fabric stash.
He really likes it!  He prefers the batman side, so he uses that side as the top.  I don't mind which side is the top, I'm happy to see him snuggled under it!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt -- it gives me inspiration that it can be done! The comforter that my husband a I got as a wedding present 13 years ago is finally getting so threadbare in spots that it needs to be replaced -- but I still love it. So I hope to cut off the good pieces and use what I can in a quilt.