Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wagons roll

We've got a wagon!  One of those cool pull along wagons.  We did a group order with a couple of families in the home ed co-op.  We picked ours up today, from a park meet up.  It was sunny for the first time in days, and we met up in a playground under the trees.
There was the usual spinning and sliding, and the more unusual trampolining and dare devil climbing.
Freddie took his rocket launcher along, and all the kids (and the mums) had fun shooting them up into the air.
Carrie had her wagon set up, and Freddie. Betsy and Meg loved it!  
Rob put our wagon together this evening, and we took it for a spin round the block.  It's ace!


  1. Wow that's brilliant, looks like so much fun. I was looking at wagons a few weeks ago. Where did you order from?

    1. We got got from here:

      It's so great, we used it again today :)

  2. What an amazing play area!

    And I love your wagon. Ours is a little smaller and I am wishing I had gone for your size.

    Happy Wagoning xxxx