Saturday, 16 June 2012

Glitter and glue

The kids have done lots of crafts this week.  It goes often in phases - we'll have a playdough week, or a painting week.  This week has been all about glue.
The kids decorated some craft foam people, which we turned into Fathers Day cards.
Betsy and I made some felt butterflies, leaves and a bee to go on the wooden tree on the seasons tray.  Betsy really enjoyed the design process.
Freddie and Betsy did some more collage and glitter this morning, and Meg loved rubbing her hands in the glitter that was all over the table when they's finished.
In non-glue craft news, Betsy was drawing around her feet.  I got out a roll of paper and asked her to lie down.  I drew round her, making a life sized Betsy to colour in.  Flat Betsy is now on display in the living room!

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  1. Lovely crafting times! I adore the tree and the bees :)