Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A chilled out day

A quiet day at home.  Everyone slept late, and we had a slow easy start to the day.  We had breakfast, chatted, took our time.

Late morning we popped into town, dropping off a couple of DVDs at the library and a letter into the town council.  We saw a one person demonstration outside the county council building, which led to a short conversation about why kids are in care, and about protests in general.

Betsy wanted to get a notebook, so she can make a book of leaves.  We collected some leaves from a beautiful tree at the end of our row of houses, and she wants to stick different leaves into a book.  Great idea.  I bought some sticky back plastic too, as it will help to preserve the colours.  We're pressing the leaves in a heavy book for a couple of days.

I got a pack of air drying clay out this afternoon.  I had been making some candles with sheets of beeswax (the kids didn't want to as they really don't like the smell) and realised I don't have a candle holder for them.  I suggested we make one from clay.

Betsy made one, plus a plate and a cup.  She's really looking forward to them drying so she can decorate them.  Meg made a couple of autumnal decorations and she's so pleased with them.

I found some leaf stickers and Betsy made a tree picture.

In between times we've been watching *a lot* of Pink Panther cartoons, found by accident on youtube.  All three kids have been chortling away, especially Meg.  At one point Freddie and Meg were sitting together, laughing at the same things.  Beautiful!

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