Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy busy

Our good friends Billy and Zoe visited today.  Fred and Billy played some Wii games together, and were joined by Jarvis (home early from school for a health appointment).  They had a blast!

Betsy invited Zoe to play some games - Moshi Monsters, Tummy Ache, Dinosaur Island. They took Pablo the dog for a walk too.

They stayed for lunch and into the afternoon.  It was lovely.

After they'd gone, Betsy and Meg finished off a couple of the projects we'd started earlier in the week.

I got the acrylic paints out to decorate the air-drying clay bits and bobs.  I'll varnish them tonight and get photos tomorrow.  They look great!

The leaves we'd collected and pressed were ready to craft with.  I stuck some to sticky back plastic and put them on the glass panels in our front door.  I *love* how this looks.  I'll leave them there until the end of November, when we pack the autumn decorations away.

More leaves and sticky back plastic turned notebooks into leaf books.  I think we'll go and collect more leaves tomorrow, so Betsy can add some different types.

Other things have been done - Slow Mo Guys watched, iPad games played, Octonauts creature reports printed and filed, My Little Pony songs listened to.  It's been a pleasantly busy day.

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