Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hair and teeth

It's been a pretty quiet week.  We've planted bulbs, been to games club, done the food shopping.  That kind of week.  

Rob had the day off yesterday, and he made a wood store.  It's great, and we had a tonne of wood delivered that filled it (and more).  It arrived after dark, and Betsy and Meg helped to bring it in.

This morning I took the kids for a haircut.  This is always straightforward for Freddie.  He's been going to the same barbers since we moved here 5+ years ago.  We sometimes have to wait  but never for long.  They're friendly, and reasonably priced.  

If only I could find something similar for the girls.  There is a Supercuts, but half the time the wait is just too long.  Today it was over an hour.  I tried a couple of other places but they wanted to charge £15 each.  All they needed was a simple chop and tidy.  I decided I'd do it myself, and we spent £10 on Halloween stuff in Wilkinsons instead!  Here are the kids, (kind of) spruced up:

After lunch we went to the skate park.  No teenagers were there, so the kids could scoot about on the slopes.  Betsy, and then Freddie, both scooted down a steep slope for the first time.  They loved it!

It was freezing, the first real autumnal day we've had so far.  I put the heating on for an hour this morning, as the thermostat was at 17 when I got up.  That's cold enough for heating in our house!

The kids were warm enough though, speeding around the place.

Betsy fell and banged her mouth on her scooter.  Not seriously, but hard enough to knock out one of her front teeth that had been getting increasingly wobbly.  There was *a lot* of blood, as it wasn't ready to come out quite yet.  I think the cold air on her gap was a bit painful, so we came home a little while later.

Time for hot chocolate and blankets on the sofa now!

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